Corporate History

Yokichi Osato launches private entertainment production company: Produce House Amuse
Amuse Inc. established in Daikanyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo (paid-in capital 5 million yen)
"Publisher House Amuse" music publishing company established in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
"Amuse Cinema City" cinema film production and distribution company established in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
(Name changed to Amuse Cinema in October 1990)
Amuse buys California-based Brainstorm Music Inc.
Amuse America Inc. established in New York
Kirei Inc. established in California
"Amuse Studio" recording studio completed in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Arm Communication established in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
(Name changed to Geishin Publishing Inc. in January 1996, then to Amuse Books Inc. in June 1997)
Head office moves to Higashi Sanchome, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Practice studio completed in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
"Amuse Video Inc.," a video software production and sales company, established in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
(Name changed to Amuse Pictures, Inc. in October 2000)
Amuse Hong Kong Ltd. established in Hong Kong
Amuse joins with the Culture Convenience Club to set up Amuse Culture.
Merger of subsidiary Publisher House Amuse and Amuse Cinema
Amuse Sales, Inc. established as an affiliate of Amuse Pictures, Inc.
Amuse joins Bandai to establish Ayers
Affiliate Amuse Cine Quanon (est. July 1995) opens CINE AMUSE EAST & WEST cinema in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Head office moved to Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Merger of three US subsidiaries into Kirei Inc.
Micro Sonic System (pro forma surviving company) acquires Amuse Inc. (actual surviving company), changing its name to Amuse Inc.
Amuse joins Victor Entertainment, Inc. to establish RE-WIND RECORDINGS Inc
Extra shares acquired in Ayers to make it a subsidiary
Amuse Korea Inc. established in Korea
Amuse Pictures, Inc. purchases Amuse Sales, Inc. shares to make the latter a subsidiary
Listed on Osaka Securities Exchange NASDAQ Japan on September 20 .
Sprite Entertainment, Inc. (CG / Film Production Company) established in Hawaii U.S.A
Amuse Pictures, Inc. acquired by Toshiba Amuse Books, Inc liquidated
Stock Split on a 1.2-for-1 basis
Listed on Second Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange on March 24.
Changed company name of Amuse Sales, Inc. to Amuse Software Entertainment Inc. with the expansion in visual business.
Amuse Cine Quanon Inc. opened the second movie theater, Amuse CQN, in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.
Sumio Matsuzaki became CEO and president.
Acquired stocks of Koma Stadium
Listed on First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange on March 1.
Established TAISHITA Label Music Co., Ltd. through joint investment with Victor Entertainment, Inc.
Tatsuro Hatanaka assumed the post of Representative Director and President
Kick off the projects commemorating 30th anniversary.
Established J-Feel Inc. for training and consulting business for both corporate and individual customers.
30th Anniversary of the establishment of the company
Incorporated Brussels Co., Ltd., a company that deploys Belgian beer bars, as a subsidiary.
Established AZEAL Inc. to manage artists, produce records, and manage music.
Established A-Sketch, a company jointly established with KDDI Corporation to conduct the label business, such as music distribution, record production, and music management.
Makes AMUSE SOFT ENTERTAINMENT INC. a wholly-owned subsidiary through acquisition of additional shares.
Amuse Edutainment Inc. established on July 1 to conduct planning, production, contracting and performance of music, film, theater and theatrical entertainment, including management of museum and cultural facilities.
Amuse Edutainment Inc. opens Amuse Museum in Asakusa on November 1.
GEISHIN CREATIVE TOKYO INC. established to plan, design, market, sell, and import items including artist goods and bundled products on December 1.
GEISHIN CREATIVE SHANGHAI INC. established on January 5, to prepare for overseas procurement from China, as a joint manufacturing venture with the Chinese company Shanghai Nisshin Kogei Reihin Ltd.,
As of April 1, 2010