Corporate Profile

Name AMUSE Inc.
Established October 16, 1978
Address 20-1 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative Director and President Tatsuro Hatanaka
Representative Senior Managing Director Yasuyuki Saito
Director Rumiko Ichige
Director Nobuyuki Soma
Director Shin Sugimoto
Standing Auditor Hiroaki Yokozawa
Auditor Akio Sato
Auditor Kunihiko Arai
Auditor Toshifumi Oshima
Corporate Officer Yasushi Kubota
Corporate Officer Takeshi Fukuoka
Corporate Officer Chiaki Harada
Corporate Officer Nobuhiro Kashiwagi
Corporate Officer Toshio Miyakoshi
Corporate Officer Nobuhiro Chiba
Corporate Officers for special mission Yasuhiro Yamaki
Corporate Officers for special mission Akira Matsuno
Top Advisor Yokichi Osato
Advisor and Founder Kuniko Osato
Advisor Masayuki Miyashita
Capital 1,587,825,000 yen
Employees 209 (268 in Amuse Group)
This figure does not include part-time and temporary workers.
Closing Month March
Present Banks Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ebisu Branch
Mizuho Corporate Bank, Main Office
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Shibuya-ekimae Branch
Resona Bank, Aoyama Branch
Business Domain
  • Promotion and management of celebrities, musicians, film directors,
    scriptwriters, athletes and intellectuals.
  • Production, contracting and performance of music, film,
    theater and theatrical entertainment and lecture,
    and management and contracting of these facilities.
  • Planning, production, contracting and copyrighting of radio
    and television programs, commercial films and jingles.
  • Planning, production, manufacturing, sales, rental and
    copyrighting of audio and visual software.
  • Invitation of overseas entertainers, musicians, film directors,
    scriptwriters, producers, athletes, intellectuals, etc.
  • Planning, sales, and right management of character goods.
  • Publication and distribution of such printed material as books and musical scores.
  • Operation of recording studios and lesson studios.
  • Advertisement agency.
  • Mail-order operations (e-commerce) and information services using the Internet.
  • Management, planning, and supervision of restaurants.
  • Planning, production, management and consulting regarding various education activities, including corporate and private events, workshops and seminars.
Listing Tokyo Stock Exchange, 1st Section
Stock Code 4301
As of September 30, 2009