Future Business Plan Print

Business Strategy

The Amuse Group will strive to strengthen the domestic core businesses by discovering and training new artists and expanding its artist portfolio.

While it is natural for the Group to work to improve earnings by more aggressively promoting the activities of its existing artists, it is also particularly important to increase the number of artists in genres that Amuse does not have.
The Group's portfolio of artists it manages mainly in variety shows, as newscasters and in senior citizens markets has recently been growing.

It will continue to focus on discovering and training new artists in the future, keeping an eye on expanding its artist portfolio.

Expansion of value chain

Some of the value chain is now produced in-house (examples are A-Sketch INC., Kifunekobo, Inc. and Intergroove Productions Inc.).
We are expanding the range of our business by managing not only in-house contents, but also contents produced by other companies.

Exploiting new markets in earnest

We will open new overseas bases as appropriate to build a foundation for expanding our businesses in the World.