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As a total entertainment corporation, the Amuse Group continues to create high quality entertainment that enables all people to share enjoyment and excitement, including artists and our employees. Our core businesses include the following four major areas: the Artist Management Business centered on artists' activities; the Media Visual Business, which plans, produces, and sells visual contents; the Contents Business to manage, maintain, and leverage the rights generated by our day-to-day business activities; and the Place Management Business, which is independent from the other existing business models and covers, for example, the creation of entertainment spaces utilizing external contents such as theme parks.
By joining forces and creating synergy within the Amuse Group, we are looking to strengthen our corporate basis as a total culture-producing entertainment group, breaking the barrier of being just a talent agency.

(Note) The following changes were made to the content in the above chart for the first quarter of the consolidated fiscal year ending March 30, 2017 (from April 1, 2016 to June 30, 2016).
(i) As described in the above chart, the following three companies were newly included in the scope of consolidation and became consolidated subsidiaries because of their increased importance.
・Amuse Hong Kong Limited(Hong Kong)
・Amuse Shanghai(China)

(ii) The following company was established by the Company in April 2016, and became a consolidated subsidiary.
・AmuseLantis Europe S.A.S. (France) <Artist Management Business>

(iii) The following four companies became consolidated subsidiaries (second-tier subsidiaries) in April 2016, with their shares newly acquired by Kifunekobo, Inc., the Company’s consolidated subsidiary.
・FRIENDS CO., LTD <Artist Management Business>
・COMITAS Inc.<Artist Management Business>
・arounds inc. <Artist Management Business>
・TRANSPLUS Inc. <Artist Management Business>