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Representative Director and Chairman Yokichi Osato


  • Date Of Birth

    AUG.22, 1946

  • June 2017 Present

    Representative Director, Chairman, Amusequest Inc.

  • May 2016

    Representative Director, Chairman and President, Amusequest Inc.

  • May 2016 Present

    Representative Director and Senior Advisor, LIVE VIEWING JAPAN Inc.

  • July 2014

    Representative Director and Chairman, Amusequest Inc.

  • May 2013

    Representative Director and Chairman LIVE VIEWING JAPAN Inc.

  • June 2011 Present

    Representative Director and Chairman, AMUSE INC.

  • June 2009

    Top Advisor, AMUSE INC.

  • June 2008

    Advisor & Honorary Chairman, AMUSE INC.

  • November 1981

    Representative Director and Chairman, AMUSE INC.

  • October 1978

    Established AMUSE INC.

Creating a More Attractive and Appealing Japan: With the Mission of Delivering Japanese Culture to the World

Thank you for your continued understanding and support of the Amuse Group.

In 2013, the number of foreign tourists visiting Japan exceeded an annual total of 10 million. Last year, that total reached approximately 30 million. Inbound demand has now come to have a major influence and impact on the Japanese economy. In these changing times, consumer demand has shifted from the simple consumption of material goods to that of more emotional and abstract experiences. This experience-based consumerism in Japan is also drawing major attention from foreign tourists visiting the country. But aside from traditional Japanese cultural experiences such as visits to shrines and temples, dining on Japanese cuisine and bathing in hot-spring spas, is Japan really doing enough to develop attractive and appealing “experiences” for its visitors? At Amuse, we believe that at present, essential infrastructure such as information and ticket access for overseas customers is also insufficiently developed.

In 2015, recognizing this state of affairs and ahead of the rising momentum of inbound demand, we opened “TOKYO ONE PIECE TOWER”: a large-scale permanently installed theme park created around the theme of “ONE PIECE”, a Japanese animation franchise that is also extremely popular overseas. The park features attractions, live shows, movie theaters, restaurants, and shops where visitors can purchase original limited-edition merchandise, all situated around Tokyo Tower, which is a major landmark and symbol of the city of Tokyo. During the last fiscal year, around 30% of visitors came from overseas countries. However, in order for Japan to become a more attractive tourism-based country, it is not enough for Amuse—or a single piece of content—to cater to this inbound demand. The crucial thing right now is for us to cooperate with national and local governments, and with other companies, in order to build an agglomeration of cultural attractions here in Japan, and to create long-running cultural experiences that will enable visitors to enjoy themselves whenever they visit. From the perspective of experience-based consumption, too, I have a real feeling that it is necessary for us to pursue the branding of Japanese culture itself.

Since its founding, Amuse has produced high-quality entertainment with a primary focus on artists, delivering experiences to many people, and providing precious moments for people to enjoy those experiences. Utilizing our many years of experience, I hope that we can play a key role in spreading Japanese culture to the wider world. Amuse works with the mission of “Creating and Delivering Culture.” We hope that you will continue to give us your even greater support and understanding in the future. Thank you.

As of June, 2018

Representative Director Tatsuro Hatanaka


  • Date Of Birth

    NOV.3, 1957

  • June 2017 Present

    Represntative Directors, President AMUSE INC.

  • November 2015 Present

    Président, AMUSE FRANCE S.A.S.

  • May 2014

    Representative Director and President, Amusequest INC.

  • May 2014 Present

    President, Amuse Group USA, Inc.

  • June 2007 Present

    Representative Director and President, AMUSE INC.

  • December 2004

    Director and Executive Vice President, AMUSE INC.

  • June 2001

    Managing Director, AMUSE INC.

  • June 1999

    Executive Officer, AMUSE INC.

  • October 1978

    Joins AMUSE INC.

Leading the New Global Age with Entertainment

Firstly, thank you very much for your warm support of the Amuse Group and its artists on a day-to-day basis.

Amuse was started in 1978, and centered primarily around founder Yokichi Osato and a handful of others. Today, we have a staff of around 400, and about 400 artists also—and even overseas offices. I feel both deeply emotion and responsibility that we have grown into such a large organization. While the environment surrounding us continues to change greatly, the essential foundation of Amuse’s business is still its artists. Our mission of discovering and developing talented artists and delivering thrilling and emotional experiences to audiences through their works has not changed at all. However, the range of artists affiliated with us has diversified, and as the methods for delivering their works and the values of audiences on the receiving end continue to change drastically, I feel keenly that staying half-a-step ahead of the times is no easy feat.

A few years ago, I launched the J-CREATION project in collaboration with our US subsidiary, Amuse Group USA. The purpose of this project is to match excellent Japanese entertainment content with overseas businesses, by introducing it to major Hollywood studios, TV networks, production companies and so on. Our annual event in Los Angeles welcomes many participants from both Japan and the United States, and is producing solid results, such as in the emergence of movie production projects that create new movies based on original Japanese creative works.

In this way, Amuse acts as a point of contact between Japan and the wider world. I feel the fact that we are successfully introducing not only our own content, but also other Japanese content, is very significant and meaningful, and also represents a new initiative. At the same time, the milestone Olympic year of 2020 lies just ahead of us, and I feel that the question of what we can offer to the many foreign tourists who come to visit Japan—with a genuine interest in Japan itself—is a crucial issue, and one which will indicate the direction that the Amuse Group should take in the future.

As we continue to regard the immediate situation, Amuse will remain forever strong and continue to make bold attempts. Please continue to hold high hopes and expectations for us. Moving forward, we will continue to work hard so that our artists, and the various creative content that we deliver, may continue to add a splash of color to everyone’s daily lives. Please continue to give us your even greater support and understanding in the future. Thank you.

As of June, 2018