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Representative Director and Chairman Yokichi Osato


  • Date Of Birth

    AUG.22, 1946

  • May 2016 Present

    Representative Director, Chairman and President, Amusequest Inc.

  • May 2016 Present

    Representative Director and Senior Advisor, LIVE VIEWING JAPAN Inc.

  • July 2014

    Representative Director and Chairman, Amusequest Inc.

  • May 2013

    Representative Director and Chairman LIVE VIEWING JAPAN Inc.

  • June 2011 Present

    Representative Director and Chairman, AMUSE Inc.

  • June 2009

    Top Advisor, AMUSE Inc.

  • June 2008

    Advisor & Honorary Chairman, AMUSE Inc.

  • November 1981

    Representative Director and Chairman, AMUSE Inc.

  • October 1978

    Established Amuse Inc. Representative Director and President

Playing a Part in Establishing Japan as a Tourism-oriented Country through Live-ism

First of all, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your continued understanding and support for the Amuse Group.

In recent years, I have witnessed firsthand the great many foreign visitors enjoying sightseeing and shopping all over Japan. In 2013, the annual number of visitors to Japan surpassed ten million, and this number is expected to grow to between 30 and 40 million by around 2025. It is no exaggeration to describe this “inbound tourism consumption” as a force that truly contributes a lot to the Japanese economy. Not wanting to let this opportunity pass us by, the Amuse Group has taken on the challenge of developing locations able to serve foreign tourists through entertainment. For instance, we have established the Place Management Business as a new business segment, launched the Amuse Museum and Amuse Cafe & Theater in Asakusa, and opened ”TOKYO ONE PIECE TOWER”. We plan to steadily accelerate this series of developments in the lead-up to the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020, and are looking to cultivate this truly inbound tourism business as a vital pillar of the Amuse Group’s business moving forward. At the forefront of our minds is a desire to entertain, satisfy and make repeat customers of foreign visitors by entertaining them not only with Japanese art and artistic endeavors but also with Japanese culture itself, not to mention Live-ism, a concept we have cherished since our founding. In doing so, it is our honest desire to play a part in establishing Japan as a tourism-oriented country that is revitalized through tourism.

"Be a creator and a provider of culture."
I sincerely hope that Amuse Inc. remains a strong entertainment company that pursues its mission. We appreciate your continued understanding and support going forward.

As of June, 2016

Representative Director and President Tatsuro Hatanaka


  • Date Of Birth

    NOV.3, 1957

  • November 2015 Present

    President, AMUSE FRANCE S.A.S.

  • May 2014

    Representative Director and President, Amusequest Inc.

  • May 2014 Present

    President, Amuse Group USA, Inc.

  • June 2007 Present

    Representative Director and President, AMUSE Inc.

  • December 2004

    Director and Executive Vice President, AMUSE Inc.

  • June 2001

    Managing Director, AMUSE Inc.

  • June 1999

    Executive Officer, AMUSE Inc.

  • October 1978

    Joins AMUSE Inc.

Explore further challenges for Japanese culture overseas

Let me start by expressing my sincere gratitude for your continued generous support for the Amuse Group and for our artists.

Thankfully, our existing businesses are performing extremely well and the highest profits were recorded ever since our establishment. I take pride in the fact that you all continue to enjoy “Live-ism,” the spirit that the Amuse Group cares most about.

Over the past few years, we have expanded our overseas bases set up primarily across Asia with the addition of the United States in 2014 and France in 2015, and at this stage I believe we have largely completed the task of establishing our bases overseas. As part of these efforts, we have organized live performances for Amuse affiliated artists and launched businesses in a way that reflects the circumstances and trends in each country, and this has served to gradually clarify our overseas prospects moving forward.

One example is the “J-CREATION” matching event we held in the United States this March, where we introduced intellectual properties (IPs) originating in Japan to major Hollywood studios, television networks and production companies in the United States. We have created opportunities to connect with Hollywood producers, directors and studios with a view to producing original movies and remakes with forward-looking Japanese content holders as part of our overseas expansion. Our success in leveraging our overseas bases and their personal connections to create a format where content from other companies is introduced in addition to our own is one specific development in our strategy for Europe and the United States moving forward.

With the Tokyo Olympic Games due to take place in 2020, there is growing interest in Japan itself as well as inbound tourism businesses, but for its part, the Amuse Group will also continue to promote Japanese culture overseas and continually pursue bidirectional opportunities.

The Amuse Group will utilize its overall abilities and actively continue to experiment this year.We appreciate your continued support going forward.

As of June, 2016